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Discover Scuba Diving

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

la-calypso-discovery-01Level: Beginner. Duration: ½ day. Maximum depth: 12 m.

In Casa cenote (100$US)


Discover scuba diving is dedicated to those old or young who 

have never dived before and dream of this wonderful adventure, respecting the highest safety standards.



Before beginning, we assure that your equipment is perfectly adapted to your size. You will try on flippers, masks, lifejackets and wetsuits before the class given on land.  For a ½ hour, in your native language (French, English or Spanish), we will teach you the basic, easy and essential techniques involved with diving. At this point, all questions you may have will be answered.




Once you are ready and under the supervision of your instructor, you will do a first dive 2 m under to familiarize yourself slowly with this new environment. As soon as you feel at ease, you will start exploring little by little (12 m maximum) your first dive in an unbelievable surrounding.



 casa cenote reducido



You will then begin a 40 minute experience that you will never forget, floating in gorgeous turquoise water in the middle of tropical wildelife.






Treat yourself to this out of the ordinary experience!  Dare a once in a lifetime, underwater adventure respecting the most rigorous safety standards.




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Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver

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