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Finally a sign on the street !

la calypso dive center from the street ok



We finally got the license to put a sign on the street to help you find our technical center the day of the divings.


Don't forget it isn't a dive shop open to the public where you could stop by to make a reservation or leave a deposit. It's a technical center where we'll meet the day of the divings after having made your booking by e-mail at : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


See you soon there !

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015

This year again thanks to your amazing reviews, we won Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.


certificado exelencia TA 2014

It has been a real pleasure to dive and become friends with all of you. We both learned from each other and lived some very special moments with you.


We sincerely hope to meet you again when you come back to Tlum and go on with cenote diving with you. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located ? I would like to come and chat before making the reservation.


We are located in Tulum town center near the town hall but as we only manage small group tours, we don't have a dive shop open to the public. What we have is a technical center where we'll meet and try your equipment before leaving to the dive spots.


What do your prices include ?


Our prices always include all diving gear rental, entrance fees, transportation from our dive center to the dive spots, boat for reef diving, guide and water to drink. Only tips aren't included.


Can you pick us up in our hotel ?


Because of an agreement between the taxi and the diver trade unions, we aren't allowed to pick you up in your hotel but it's very easy to get to Tulum in taxi and cheaper but still easy and safe in colective mini van.


Can I pay with my credit card ?


Only deposit payment can be done with a credit card using the paypal link I'll send you to complete your booking. You don't need any paypal account, you'll be able to pay with your credit card using this link by clicking on the link “ I don't have any paypal account “ on the third page you'll see.

Balance will have to be paid in cash the day of the divings either in euros, $US or mexican pesos.


Read more: FAQ

Automn : the perfect moment for cenote diving and snorkeling



If you are planning to come to Tulum to discover the cenotes between september and december, that's an amazing idea !




In Tulum, we are lucky to be located in the heart of the biggest underground river net diveable in the world. The sinkholes giving access to this river are called cenotes. These caverns are a jewel for the scuba divers and snorkelers.


Read more: Automn : the perfect moment for cenote diving and snorkeling

Our recently certified divers

You arrived as beginners or you were already certified and wanted to learn more to pass the second level, done ! Congratulations, you all have been fantastic student ! 

We hope meet you again soon to explore more cenotes


Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2014

We are very happy to inform you that we have just won Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2014. Thank you to all the divers who chose us to discover Tulum cenotes or reef and to the beginners who trust in us for their first underwater experience. A big hug to everyone. We hope to dive or snorkel with you soon !


logo certificat excellence 2014 TA la calypso

La Calypso Dive Center in The french guidebook Le Petite Futé 2014

couverture petit fute 2014


We are happy to let you know you that La Calypso Dive Center is now recomended in the french guide book "Le Petit Futé" 2014. 


article petit futé 2014


Now we'll need your reviews to reach the Lonely Planet or any other good one !

Pet Cemetery : an amazing place to be discovered !

pet 16

La Calypso Dive Center invites you to a new adventure : cenote Pet Cemetery is a hidden wonder of Yucatan peninsula. 


Pet Cemetery was discovered in 1985 after hurricane Elena when the Mexican Army was accessing the damage from the hurricane by air and came upon The Pet Cemetery. 


It's got its name due to the various animal skeletons found in the cenote. You can still see the lower jawbone of a tapir as well as the fossilized remains of an extinct prehistoric camel.


It is one of the most decorated cenotes with white delicate formations such as stalactites, stalagmites and columns in an amazing clearness of water creating a mirror like effect in a crystal palace. 


It is in the middle of a natural unspoiled jungle setting. If you are lucky you may well see Spider monkeys in the surrounding jungle canopy.


After discovering this amazing place, we invite you to swim with sea turtles on Akumal turtle bay. On the reef, you will encounter a lot of colourful tropical fishes in their natural habitat..


This complete snorkeling adventure cost 80$US per person all included (snorkeling gear, transportation from our dive center roundtrip, entrance fees, guide, water to drink)

Feedback from a very experimented diver

Thank you Claire for the nice feedback you've just sent us !


Wonderful La calypso and the Cenotes !


After 1000 dives under my belt, what a good surprise to discover the Cenotes with Nicolas, a Franco-Mexican very nice. La Calypso allow you to dive with a group of 2 or 4 people, not 15. This small dive center is perfect in safety, equipment, technique and knowledge of the country. My 8 dives in 6 Cenotes, from the most famous (Gran Cenote), the most nature (Dream's gate) to the most sulphurous (Angelita) remain a great memory. Helen had found me a not too expensive accommodation on the beach ....


Claire B

A new snorkeling tour in a cenote and with turtles !





Vary different experiences and discover 2 facets of snorkeling combining sea and cenote (cavern).


We take you to explore one of the most beautiful cenotes all around : Dos Ojos. After having swum in crystal clear water between stalactites and stalagmites full equiped with snorkeling gear, we'll guide you above Akumal coral reef to swim with sea turtles and other tropical fishes : rays, barracudas, angelfishes... Akumal means “Turtle Bay” in Mayan because this is naturally a place where turtles come to feed, so you can observe them in their own habitat in freely.


Half a day accessible to everyone in the depth of mayan land. An experience that promises to be unforgettable !

Cancun Underwater Museum


La Calypso dive center went to visit MUSA : Cancun underwater Museum last week with LUUM HA Divers. An incredible experience !


divepro cancun underwater museum 4


The project which began in november 2009 consists of over 400 permanent life-size sculptures, one of the largest and most ambitious underwater artificial attractions in the world. All the statues are molded from real models. These models were regular characters from Cancun and Puerto Morelos as well as a famous tv presenter.


The Museum aiming to demonstrate the interaction between art and environmental science hopes to form a complex reef structure for marine life to colonise and inhabit.

Read more: Cancun Underwater Museum

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