Our Selection of Cenotes

Each cenote in the region has certain characteristics. Some are double cenotes, and others caves in which a wide variety of animals and wildlife live. You may encounter bats, turtles, Mot Mot birds (the famous regional bird with a long, pendulum type tail), animal bones, haloclines, mangroves, etc.
Most cenotes are easily accessible for all levels. Some require a good master of floating and are more difficult to access.

Dos Ojos

It’s the biggest, most exceptional and original cenote in the area. It is simply beautiful, with easy access. Most divers usually start learning here. “Dos Ojos” means “two eyes” because there are two cenotes. You can dive from one to the other. It’s such a large area that there are two different dives to do. One is the Barbie line 9m, duration: 45 min and the other is the Bat cave 10 m, duration: 40 min. You will see thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, in the middle of the jungle with exotic plants, flowers, trees and animals. A great experience !

Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote has an easy access for all levels. This cenote is really unique. You dive in an open area (canal) in the mangrove. The cenote is a mix of fresh and sea waters that allows you to observe a vast variety of fish and animals specific to this area. You have access to the entrance of several different caves. 8 m, duration: 45 min.


This one is a little more technical. Lots of emotion and adrenaline! You enter by a 3 meter jump. Once under water 12 meters, you will discover the halocline: the visible line that divides the fresh from salt waters. It’s a guaranteed journey for the five senses! 12 m, duration: 40 min.

Car Wash

The true garden of Eden! Lots of turtles, fish, lotus (depending on the season), crystal clear water and a wonderful cave. A photographer’s dream come true! 14 m, duration: 40 min.


You have to see it to believe it! One of the top 5 dives in the world…You dive in an open area. At 25 meters under, a dense cloud leaves you later to discover a floating island. Then you cross the halocline for even more sensations! Difficult to describe if you’re not a poet…40 m, duration: 40 min, level 2.


This is Angelita’s big brother. It resembles a well and seems bottomless! You will discover the halocline at 25 meters under. You’ll see fossils, and experience a rush of adrenaline! One of the top five dives in the world. 40 m, duration: 40 min.

Tajma Ha

You will experience the connection of two distinct cenotes by beautiful caves. When you come out, the scenery is breathtaking! Magnificent! 14 m, duration: 45 min.


Another tremendous cenote in which you’ll require two dives to see everything! And you’ll ask for more! One of the only caves in the world that has the most stalactites.! Unbelievable! 10 m, duration: 45 min.

Chac Mool

Two different dives can be made in the Chac Mool cenote. One passes from one well of light to another through the cavern. Divers, even inexperienced ones, will be able to observe stalactites, fossils of shells and extraordinary plays of light. Duration : 45 min, depth : 14 meters.