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A scuba diver in Pit cenote


Where are you located? I would like to come and chat before making the reservation

We are located in Tulum town center near the town hall but as we only manage small group tours, we don’t have a dive shop open to the public.

What we have is a technical center where we’ll meet and try your equipment before leaving to the dive spots.

a cabin in the jungle with a diving flag

Can you pick us up in our hotel?

Because of an agreement between the taxi and the diver trade unions, we aren’t allowed to pick you up in your hotel but it’s very easy to get to Tulum in taxi and cheaper but still easy and safe in colective mini van.

La Calypso Dive Center local technique sky view

Is there any activity we can do with children ?

Of course ! We have the perfect tour for the whole family !

Let our experienced guides show you in small groups 2 of the best cenotes in Tulum. Fully equiped with our brand new snorkeling gear, you will explore Casa cenote and Pet Cemetary.

A woman is snorkeling in Dos ojos Cenote

Can a non diver join our diving group?

As we only manage small group tours (maximum 4 divers per guide), seats in the car are given in priority to the divers. If the group isn’t full, we’ll be more than happy invite the non diver in our vehicle and will only rent the snorkeling gear 20$US and she/he’ll pay her/his cenote entrance fees.
If the group is full she/he will be able to follow us in taxi or with a rental car.

Non divers will better choose to take a guided snorkeling tour in 2 amazing cenotes.

Yellow snorkeling gear

What would you recommend : reef or cenotes?

If you are certified divers, we would definitely recommend to focus on the cenotes while diving in Tulum. The reef is beautiful but nothing unique in the world as cenote diving is. Diving in Tulum without exploring different cenotes (Casa cenote, Dos Ojos, Grand cenote…) would be like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel tower!

2 scuba divers surfacing in Casa cenote

What do your prices include?

Our prices always include all diving gear rental, entrance fees, transportation from our dive center to the dive spots, boat for reef diving, guide and water to drink. Only tips aren’t included.

A scuba diver making the ok sign

Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes sure ! Due balance can be paid by credit card (+5% extra fees) or in cash (in Euros, $US or Mexican pesos).

You can also pay full amount by credit card in advance if you wish to do so.

A custommer is paying his tour to a scuba guide

Can we do our discover scuba diving course on the reef?

No we don’t do discover scuba diving on the reef which is too uncertain. Actually in Tulum it’s open sea which means that the waves can be very strong and the sea too rough to make the diving possible.

3 scuba divers in Casa cenote

Am I able to do cenote diving?

If you are Open Water certified diver, you can easily cenote dive. We’ll help you making the right selection regarding to your past experience and level.

What we manage is cavern style cenote diving, not cave which means that we always have a visual contact with the sunrays, there are no restrictions and we are always at maximum 50 meters from an exit (but the most part of the diving, we’ll be at much less than 50 meters.)

A scuba diver in cenote Dos Ojos

I am an Open Water certified diver, can I deep dive?

If you are an Open Water certified diver, then you’ll have access to the majority of the amazing cenotes we propose but you are allowed to dive until 18 meters, not the 30 meters we’ll reach in deep diving in cenotes like Angelita or the Pit.

Even a deep dive speciality won't be enough to deep dive in Pit or Angelita. The advanced license will be mandatory for the deep dives.

2 scuba divers in Pit cenote
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