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What is cenote diving ?

Video Angelita

Cenote diving is accessible starting with level 1 certification (CMAS, FFESSM or PADI Open Water Diver). It’s an advanced start at cave diving, for everyone. 

If you aren't a certified diver, no worries, you still have 3 options to visit the amazing cenotes.

Certified divers will dive in easy access caves with all the specific diving gear provided (flashlights, 5 mm long wetsuits, regulators, BCD, fins, weight belt and air tanks). Tours are given respecting the highest levels of security with ample space, always close to one of the exits and numerous air holes. You will have permanent visual contact with natural light. A show and emotions are guaranteed!

Our multilingual guides have minimum 10 years experience guiding in the best cenotes in Tulum. They are all full cave certified divers and some of them are also PADI or SSI instructors.



Depending on the cenotes visited, you can observe millions of limestone formations: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, fossils, prehistoric bone formations and native animal species. You will live the exceptional experience of the halocline (a natural, obvious line that divides the fresh from salt waters ), zigzag through the mangrove tree roots and discover amazing lighting effects. 

Level 2 or advanced certified divers will also have access to the deepest cenotes (Angelita and Pit) and more technical ones : Dreamgate, Taak Bi Ha. The deep dive certification holding a level 1 isn't enough unfortunately. A valid level 2 or advanced certification will be required at booking to confirm the tour.

During rainy season, it's also one of the most pleasant places to be because you are in a cavern. For this reason, cenote divings aren't affected by the weather forecast and won't be last minute cancelled.

With the water being 75°F or 24°C year round, the crystal clear cenote water is the coolest option in the tropical heat of Yucatan peninsula.

The best cenotes in Tulum

How to make sure I can cenote dive?
How to make sure I am able to cenote dive ?
  1. You need to be Open Water or Level 1 certified to dive in most of the cavern cenotes. For the deepest dives like Pit or Angelita but also the most technical like Dreamgate, Taak Bi Ha or Nicte Ha, you need to be advanced certified.

  2. To dive in cenotes, it is mandatory to have dived in the last year. If not, you'll be able to take a quick refresher dive in an amazing natural area : Casa cenote before diving in the cavern cenotes like Dos Ojos or Car Wash.

  3. Your number of dives logged will help us choosing with you the best cenotes to schedule. As soon as you get certified, you can easily dive in Dos Ojos or Casa cenote whereas you would need a minimum amount of dives for the most advanced cenote dives.

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